UpdateAI – Zoom meeting assistant

A little about me


Matias Paillet, Engineering Manager 

My name is Matias, I’m from Argentina and currently living in Buenos Aires with my cat, Milton. I recently spent 6 months living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I love traveling and truly getting to know different cultures (not just the touristy things, but the everyday life things, too). 

I also love all different types of sports – especially soccer and basketball. In fact, basketball is one of my biggest passions. I played competitive basketball until I was 17 and almost played professionally, but decided to focus on my academics instead. While I was at university, I studied systems engineering, which is a mix between business administration and software engineering. Basketball remains a passion of mine, though, and I still find time to hit the court from time to time. 

Why I joined UpdateAI

I love startups. The vibe and energy they have is amazing, and they tend to match up well with the way I live and work. I’ve always felt the startup world is where I belong. And that belief was reinforced when I initially met Josh, UpdateAI’s CEO, through a mutual friend. I was instantly attracted to the idea of UpdateAI because I knew, just on a personal level, how tough it can be to track Zoom meetings. After hearing more about the idea, I decided I wanted to put my knowledge and expertise to work and help make UpdateAI successful. 

What I do at UpdateAI

As the engineering manager, my role is to make sure all of the technical aspects run smoothly, whether that’s making sure the customers have a bug-free experience or designing our newest amazing features. My personal goal is to help simplify our customers’ work with everything we do at UpdateAI.

Why I'm so excited about UpdateAI

There are many reasons I’m excited about our company. I think the product is really amazing, of course, but if I had to say one thing, it would be the team. We have an amazing team and we’ve built a unique product. (Also,  like most engineers, I love a good challenge, and the things that we do at UpdateAI are really interesting to work on!) Overall, as a team, we make the UpdateAI vision happen. 

Which core company value I align with the most

I think all of our values are fundamental, without a doubt, and that’s an important reason why I feel so comfortable working at UpdateAI. But To expand upon only one, I’ll focus on the first one we mention: It’s About People. My personal mantra in life is that “people come first” to anything, really. I believe that building and nurturing relationships over time is how we improve as people and how we help others improve as well. Our team is dedicated to that, both when it comes to helping our clients and also when it comes to helping each other – and that’s another reason I’m so excited about our company as we head into the second half of 2022.