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Episode #57 Psychology Behind Influencing Customer Decisions ft. Ed Powers (Service Excellence Partners)

Every decision goes through emotional processing.

How we feel about something at heart is way more important and impactful than what we think about something.

So we need to lead with the heart and rationalize with logic.

Ed Powers, a principal consultant at Service Excellence, joins Josh Schachter for an unchurned conversation about how customer success teams can use psychology to manage expectations, build trust, and drive customer success.

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Episode #44 [Un]filtered Pulse 2023: Banter, Digital CS & Community Empowerment ft. Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

Pulse 2023 is here! It’s getting harder to keep calm.

Make sure to tune in to this light-hearted, humor-filled conversation with Josh Schachter, Kristi Faltorusso, Jon Johnson & Mickey Powell, and special guest Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, as they uncover the swag at the upcoming Pulse conference. Everyone guesses Nick’s outfit for Pulse, plays the drinking game, and discuss

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Episode #3: Is Customer Success a function or movement? ft. Alex Farmer

In this unchurned conversation about the rise of the customer success echo chamber with Alex Farmer, VP of Customer Success at Cognite, we discuss:

The June 2022 CS Excellence Awards
The perils of CS as an echo chamber
The need for CS to be a cross functional, multidisciplinary mindset
Learn about Cognite and the CS team there
What to do when high touch isn’t available

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